Husband Splits his Wife Open

Her husband, James, had been gone for so long, she couldn’t stand not being able to experience life and explore as a person. James had worked for only a few years as a world-famous travelling photograph in an upscale art registry. However, she felt the neglect, she knew that James had loved her, but he travelled so much while she waited and waited, not knowing that her husband had the same things in mind. 
	It wasn’t that she hated or disliked her husband, it was the complete opposite. She and James had met in college, senior year, they quickly fell in love after sharing so many common interests. They both entered with art degrees, Chelsea hoped to be an interior designer and fell in love with the industry. James graduated with a photography, but his career had already skyrocketed before school was even over. He flew around the world to hand high portfolio clients, yes, they had been a lot of model clients and magazines wanting half-nude girls, but it was his profession. As difficult as it may be to believe, Chelsea wasn’t jealous, she knew that James was loyal, otherwise, she never would have married him. She just felt trapped, unsure of what to do with her life now, they had been married for a couple years, together for four. James made so much money she didn’t need to work, so she just spent a lot of her time exercising and designing mockups for hypothetical clients. Maybe she was jealous, James had been so successful while she sat at home doing close to nothing. 
	As Chelsea got up, she picked out a red and black sports bra, sliding it over her well rounded, twenty-four year old body. She put on her tight, yoga running shorts and laced her shoes to get ready for pre-lunch workout. She worked out after breakfast until noon, showered before a light lunch, and went for a stretch yoga class before James would come home. 
	Throughout the day, she felt relaxed, with a sense of purpose. But as she waited for James to come home, she thought: what if she was making a mistake? Her husband had been quite the lover over the years, raining presents on holidays and as random surprises. He never missed a FaceTime session, he really did love her. Chelsea wasn’t sure what to do, she felt limited, unambitious. 
	James came through the door with his suitcase and backpack. “Chels, you home?”
	“Hello there, who’s this stranger?”
	Cut that out Chelsea, you need to tell him what you want and that’s that.
	James walked up to her, picked her up and kissed her parting lips, so soft and firm, he hardened at the sight of her. Chelsea hadn’t had sex in over a month, James was overseas, as she waited and waited, she was dying to be fucked. The thought of his hard cock thrusting inside of her made her wet. He always so sexy, the sight of him and his chiseled body ran shivers through her body. 
	She hardly could remember what she had to talk about. 
	His hands ran all over her body as he could only press her so close to his body. His cock swelled at the sight of his lovely wife. She was always smaller than James, but the height difference was perfect, she was 5’6”, 135 lbs, tanned with her smooth Columbian mix, and had a tight body. She worked so hard for it and he could always tell whenever he saw her. Her years of yoga and cardio workouts had toned her upper body, giving her a tightness he couldn’t describe. Her workouts had rounded her ass making it pillowy and spankable. After a certain point, her ass didn’t get firmer, it started swelling giving her a body gifted from a goddess. Standing in front of him with her pink shirt and black pants he could see her curves accentuated in the light, making her 34Ds look larger than normal.
	He took control of his wife and whispered, “I’m going to fuck you until I can’t get hard anymore.”
	Chelsea moaned as James started taking off her shirt, his fingernails running against her smooth sides. Chelsea had changed into a loose fitting pink crop top after her stretch class. Her new bra, red and black, was specially designed to make her boobs look sexily pushed up and pillowy. She could feel her matching panties getting moist from James’ roughness. She didn't know he could still do this to her. She wanted him, she could feel the sexual tension coursing around her, waiting to explode. She pushed James back onto the couch, so she could start unbuckling his jeans. 
	As soon as Chelsea got his cock out James leaned over and spanked Chelsea over her tight fitting yoga pants. He had missed her big, juicy ass ever since he took the departure flight from home. He grabbed her ass firmly right before Chelsea swallowed his cock, causing her mouth to open even more as his penis swelled in size. James knew he was larger than normal, models in other countries always tried to hit on him, grabbing his cock as a way to tease him. Some girls were surprised by the packaging they were handling.
	Chelsea enveloped the head of James’ hard cock before slowly going deeper, flicking her tongue against the bottom of his cock. She felt his cock getting to its full size, filling her mouth even more, she had forgotten how big James’ cock was. She pictured it sliding into her wet, hairless pussy, she wanted it lodged in her ass until she could feel it poking out her front. But, James would never want that. 
	James thought about all the nasty things was going to do to his wife, making her writhe in pleasure. He thought about getting lube for anal, but knew that his wife wasn’t interested in anything past standard sex. He was fine with it, ready to fuck her to climax.
	He picked up Chelsea and put her upside down on the couch. He kneeled letting Chelsea lick the tip of his cock as he slowly breathed hot air on Chelsea’s already wet pussy. His tongue extended slowly into her honey pot tasting the juices, before spreading her pussy lips with his fingers. James let his tongue lick Chelsea’s pussy from top to bottom, he pushed into her pussy cavity, making her moan with his cock in her mouth. He worked his way to the clit, spitting on it and started to rub her pussy. He was going to make her beg to cum. His tongue found the little punching bag and he tongue-punched it, top to bottom, causing Chelsea to gasp. He wrapped his lips around her pussy, and slowly sucked and licked and sucked and licked until Chelsea was writhing in pleasure.
	James’s tongue got further and further into Chelsea’s pussy until she was screaming.
	“Oh fuck, James… Fuck me… I need your cock inside me right now… Pound my pussy, baby. I need your big dick to fill me up”
	“You want this?” James pointed to his full enlarged member, standing at 8”, James wanted to split his wife into halves and make her black out from orgasms. 
	“Yes, baby. Come give me that cock.’
	James climbed up onto the couch, Chelsea’s ass still up in the air, supported by the couch, to slide his long member into his wife’s tight, slippery pussy. Before James got half way in, Chelsea paused and said, “Wait.”
	James held back a sigh, thinking she was going to stop sex from happening. She had done it before, but he misjudged her.
	“Sit on the couch, I want to ride your cock until I cum all over it.”
	James picked up his wife and sat down, placing her directly over top his 8” of engorged cock. James was a strong man, at least 70 lbs heavier than Chelsea and towered over her at 6’2”. She lowered her on to his thick member, half expecting needing to slow down, Chelsea moaned as his large cock filled her tight pussy. She didn’t know how much she could handle, she practiced with dildos the size of his cock beforehand, making sure she could stretch to his size. 
	James kept going, surprised she bottomed out on his cock and had been able to stretch that much. He felt reinvigorated, he was going to fuck his wife so well, she would never forget it. He stood up and picked his wife as he began to slide deep inside and out of her velvet pussy. Thrusting his cock into her repeatedly. James wanted to fuck her until they felt utter exhaustion. James sped up, his thrusting jackhammering into Chelsea’s pussy.
	“Oh fuck, baby, your big cock feels sooooooo gooooood.” Chelsea shouted as he began to pound her hard. Her body was shaking from the sensation, making her hornier and wetter. She much preferred his cock over her toys, picturing him inside her each time her rubbed her pussy, wanting to me stretched out. Chelsea’s big ass rippled from the pounding, making her firm butt jiggle repeatedly. She moaned, she screamed, she swore, she shouted.
	“FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME. Make me your little cum slut, I want to feel you explode all over me. Drench me in cum.” 
	His body glistening in sweat, he slowed down slightly to put her down and bend her over the chair in the corner. He lined his cock up, but bent down to spit on her already wet pussy, sliding two fingers into her gaping sex pot. He missed having her next to him, being with her, and being able to talk her. He wouldn’t deny how much he missed fucking her. James stood up, his wife’s pussy lubed for the taking, thrusting in. 
	He split her pussy wide open and groaned in pleasure as his wife accommodated his cock. 
	Chelsea felt James’ long dick pushing inside her expanding her wet pussy, making her moan feeling her month-virgin tight walls covered in orgasmic pussy juices. She felt his cock go so deep inside her, she thought she would split into two. James smiled. She loved how his cock felt deep inside her, she practiced so he could fit his whole cock into her. Her walls began to vibrate, feeling an intense need to cum. 
	“Oh fuck, baby, you’re going to make me cum.”
	“Nuh-uh, you’re not allowed just yet.”
	Chelsea didn’t know if she could stave off her massive orgasm, mounting from the pounding he was giving her. James flipped her over, picked her up, placed her on the couch and started missionary fucking her. Chelsea gripped the cushions as his cock plunged into her silk walls. She had missed feeling so fulfilled and emotionally connected. Chelsea’s pussy began to uncontrollably shake as James’ cock made her pussy walls so wet she began to be unable to hold back her orgasm.
	“Baby, please, please, let me cum. I’ll do anything. I can’t handle it. Please,” begging her strong husband to cum, she wanted to explode all over his cock, letting the sensations roll through her toned body. 
	“That’s a naughty thing for you to say, I think I’ll hold you to it.”
	James started pounding away as hard as he could wanting to make his beautiful slut of wife cum. Chelsea couldn’t hold back any more, her body exploded with feeling, her pussy was so hot, she couldn’t handle how intense her orgasm became. Her vision went blurry, she began to moan so loudly that she had forgotten neighbours ever existed. Her body shook from the immense pleasure rocking her body to the core. James continued to pound recklessly. Her nipples stood on its ends, feeling so nice in the cool air. Her breasts heaved up and down as James plunged deep into her, James reached up and squeeze her big breasts, pinching her nipples gently enough to leak juices. 
	Chelsea was so sensitive she couldn’t hold back her second orgasm, ravaging her body and mind. “OHHHHH FUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKK.” Rolls of her second orgasm pleasured her every being, radiating through her nipples and pussy, she leaked more slick liquid out of her perky, jutting breasts. 
	James pulled his cock out of Chelsea, grabbing her hair and pulling her to her knees, he came all over her pleasured face. Rocking from her second full body orgasm, Chelsea reached unspeakable heights of orgasming as the first rope of cum landed on her face. She rubbed her pussy viciously, trying to rub every last piece of pleasure out of her body. Cum roped over her face, leading from her mouth to her forehead. A third orgasm rocked her very being, Chelsea began to see spots.
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